Friday, June 3, 2011

I changed both oxygen sensors in my 2001 Toyota Solara convertible ....?

then reset the code with a OBD can tester. But, shortly after starting, the %26quot;Check engine%26quot; light goes back on and the same code 1135 (bank 1, sensor 1, heater circuit failure) gets stored. Now THAT sensor did have a faulty heater. Is there some intermediate component between the sensor and the computer or some other service I must render to correct this problem?

Professional answers, please!|||I have run into some vehicles with fused power to the O2 heater.

Heater goes bad, draws too much amperage and blows the fuse.

replace the O2 and the fuse is blown and it will set the code again because the O2 heater cannot work .

Check your power distribution block under the hood for a blown fuse.|||I would check the connector for any corrosion. These sensors run on a low voltage so are prone to being affected by bad connectors, also follow up the wire and ensure it is not damaged.